Keepin It Real + Heartfelt Love Note

Keepin It Real + Heartfelt Love Note



So, I wish I could say I have been shacking it up with my rain boots, but here in sunny southern California… it still feels like July!

It’s crazy town and my awesome rain boots are still sitting pretty in their box.

Remember that commercial where they would show a woman outside of a store waiting for it to open so she could shop the sales… and the woman would say open, open, open.

That’s me, but with my rain boots. Ha.

I have been swiftly finishing things up on the planner and if I am totally honest with you… there is really only one thing… OK two things that held things up.

Oh geez, I know… I am not perfect. Gasp. ūüôā

Here is the breakdown.

I wholeheartedly love to support a local printer and finding the right one is important to me.  And, finding a printer who can do all the things I dream of doing is also a challenge at least if I want to keep the planner at a reasonable investment.  The good news is this part is all wrapped up and ready to go and I am super happy to be working with a small locally owned print shop.

And secondly… I have been agonizing over the cover. ¬†If I told you how many covers I have designed you would be like girl… what. ¬†Every time I designed a cover it just didn’t feel right.

So, I kept designing.  And I kept hating them.  I had faith that eventually I would hit the nail on the head.  I wanted something fun, simple and professional all wrapped into one.

Now, all I have to do is add it to the site and bada bing bada boom I will unveil the 2015 Daily Biz Planner.

So I got rain boots and a planner screaming open, open, open. ¬†What’s a girl to do.

I know… share a heart felt love note with you.

Day in and day out we dream of getting more clients, making more money or simply just taking our business full time.

We dream of the impact it can make in our own lives and if you are like me… you are probably¬†dreaming of how you can help change the lives of others too.

Often our dreams can be perceived as unrealistic by our near and dear friends and family, as they urge us to come back to reality.  Challenging us to accept being just part of the norm.

We may also be bombarded by the loudest voice of them all… our own.

Pursuing our dreams is what life is really about. ¬†It’s about having the courage and the confidence to blaze your own trail and if we are willing to do this, whether we fail or not, the reward is nothing but amazing.

I believe if we don’t follow our¬†dreams it¬†leads to unhappiness.

Now is the time to believe wholeheartedly in your dream.

Everything you dream of is within reach… everything.

The Daily Biz Planner is based on turning dreams into reality.  It supports you in getting clear and creating a plan.  It will help you break down your dreams and goals into chunks and then into bite size pieces.

And if you find yourself dealing with your own gremlin voice, the Daily Biz Planner will even support you in utilizing affirmations and shifting your mindset so you can reach your goals.

One day you’re going to open your eyes and realize that dream you have been dreaming about forever… is right now.

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